hello everyone,
I need help with running RFT's scripts unattended.
RFT version 8.1.0

I'm scheduling my scripts to run from Hudson. Everything work fine however, early in the morning after the remote XP machine running RFT has been inactive for 5-10 hrs or so, my scripts fails. When I get in work and run the script, they run fine. The error I get from the console is:

"C:\.hudson\jobs\Website Checks\workspace\307" -log 307-Site_Status_Checks-check_all_live-2011-03-10_06-01-21 -rt.bring_up_logviewer false -playback check_all_live
Exception occurred during playback of script [check_all_live] [java.lang.NullPointerException].

I've tried everything I could find:
Caffeine.exe (simulate shift key, keep remote Machine active)

cmd.exe /Q /C "C:\WINDOWS\System32\tscon.exe 0 /dest:console"
(returning the session to the console)

disabling system locking, disabling screen savor!

They are not working for me.

Am I missing something? What is happening with my remote machine after so many hour of inactivity??
Please help.