I am new to RFT after years of using QTP and TestComplete. I'm going to hold my tongue on comparison of the tools.

One frustration for me has been validation points.

For example, I have a page where the user can select a theme for the page. When you choose "blue," the page background turns blue, the text turns white and the buttons change color. Just what you would expect a theme to do.

Now, to verify this, I want to verify some (or at least one) new element. However, when I try to select an property checkpoint, it pulls some properties, but seems to miss many that I often had access to in QTP and TC - namely font size, page color and other basic attributes.

So instead I am stuck doing an image checkpoint, which is tenuous at best.

Is there some way to pull these object properties? I can't believe an insanely expensive tool like this doesn't display those properties by default.

This is in the Java code mode. It also doesn't help that I am clueless in Java programming. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]