Hello friends

I have a situation where a Mapviewer like control is loaded into the web page. I have to use the zoom out, zoom in functions based on a place and need to click on certain coordnates after moving east / west / north / south locations.. This process continues until I go to the lowest level of detail.
When I record the click of a particular coordinate, it gets recorded as a button control. Hence during playback, it clicks on a wrong coordinate (believe it clicks where the mouse it at that time?).
Is there any easy way to solve this? Any clues on how to use the descriptive code if any for this situation will be greatly appreciated.

This is what I can see from the Object Browser for the click inside the MapViewer control.

.Class : HTML.Input.Image
.id : Imagebox
.type : image

However all my coding looks like
button_lztJ8tOHWk4jQex6gf11012.click() //

Any clues or help will be greatly appreciated.
Kindly let me know if you need more info