Greetings RFT Enthusiasts, and any who feel they have been forced to use it because their manager had a bright idea. I'm still gripping the fence, but I'm hanging on the 'enthusiastic' side.

I recently downloaded the ITCL Framework, or IBM Framework as some call it, and I have mixed feelings about it. Using it as described in a few developerWorks articles, seems like it introduces a lot of unnecessary overhead, and it still relies on the object map, but there is something to appreciate when someone else has done so much work for me.

I haven't seen much discussion regarding the use of the constructors in the framework that call the findDynamically() method in the Widget class, and after looking at the code, it seems there is likely a more efficient way to accomplish finding objects dynamically using the most recent versions of RFT's API (e.g. by replacing the recursive calls).

My questions are:

1) Has anyone made significant improvements to the 5-year-old framework that they would be willing to share with the community?

2) Is anyone having tremendous success using the 5-year-old framework in its original state? If so, would you be willing to share your success story(ies)?

3) I'd also be interesting in knowing whether you prefer using and maintaining the object map, or finding objects dynamically? Perhaps we could get the moderator to set up a poll.