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    Playback with SAP Portal NetWeaver

    Title. Record SAP Portal NetWeaver

    Hi, I have a problem with playback previously recorded script.
    I'm using RFT v.8.0. The problem concerns the restoration of the following line of code:

    linklink().click(atName("Aplikacje"), atPoint(23,12));

    My object map looks like a map attached.

    I Got the following error message.

    exception_context = click() called on GuiSubitemTestObject(Name: linklink, Map: Link).
    exception_name = com.rational.test.ft.ObjectNotFoundException
    exception_message = Subitem not found for item: AtName("Aplikacje")

    Please, help me to find solution.

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    Re: Playback with SAP Portal NetWeaver

    My object Map:Win: Link: Link: .Link

    Tab: Recognition

    Property Value Weight
    .class .Link 100
    .classIndex 0 10
    .name Aplikacje 90



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