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    Can not view .RFTVP file


    I have one Image Verification point in my test script written in Java scripting.
    I have run the script. In Test log it shows ".RFTVP" file for this verification point.

    When i click on Open, it ask me to choose a program. I choose Internet Explorer.. However it didnt show me the result.

    Can anyone please let me know in which program should i open a file?

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    Re: Can not view .RFTVP file


    i think you can open the .rftvp using javaws.exe to directly open it.

    side note: may i know what test log type do you use? if you used html, you can click the 'View Results' to open the VP.

    if you still can't open the VP, try installing the JRE it needs

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    Hello. How do I know which JRE it needs?




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