Good day to all,

I noticed a while back that RFT was skipping some commands (while running a script), and I have been trying to figure out why it was doing that, but to no avail.

I call up some routines that start the browser, connect to a specific URL, fetch the password to use, etc, etc...
Once the test is finished, I logout and close the browser.

Once in a while, the scenario will skip the command to close the browser (causing a problem for the next test where a new browser is started). I do have a loop in place that checks to see if a browser window exists, and to close it if it does.

At other times, the routine being executed seems to skips some statements when login on or goes too fast over them, and it messes things up.

This does not happen all time, just once in a blue moon, making it difficult to trap.

Have anybody seen this kind of behaviour before?

If not, then I would know that something if not working correctly either in my code or in my RFT configuration. If others have encountered this, then I may contact IBM to see if it was reported.

Thanks and have a great day,