I am trying to make use of the Rational RobotJ tool to do automated unit testing of the Swing based GUI application in one of the Ericsson products. I went through the following link and I have few queries to be clarified before I start with some hands-on on this tool.
I have the IBM Rational Robot and Rational Test Manager software installed in my windows system. But, I would like to use RobotJ scripts, basically to have the test scripts Java language-based and test my GUI application. To get this done, I would like to know if I have to install the entire Rational Suite Enterprise, Test Studio and then the RobotJ also. I think the sections related to Netscape and IE are not applicable for stand-alone applications (Swing based GUI), so, I need not have to look into those issues mentioned in the link above. Please correct me if I am wrong on this. Finally, I would like to know what role does the Eclipse IDE play for this RobotJ tool (Is it just to code the RobotJ scripts?)

Please clarify the above so that I can start using this tool and do unit-testing of my GUI application.
Thanks in advance!!