I am testing a webpage which has some auto tabbing integrated (click in a field > enter 4 chars > auto tab to the next field - really annoying stuff). These fields are also pre-populated when selecting a certain value from a drop down AND they are mandatory. So, I wanted to test the following:
Select value from dropdown > 3 fields become auto populated.
Clear the values in all 3 fields.
Click next.
Check validation message.

BUT, I can't seem to get RFT to actually clear the values in these fields since as soon as it gets the focus, it gets auto-tabbed to the next field. I tried doing a doubleClick() in the field and then pressing {BKSP} but it doesn't work - it also just auto tabs out and loses focus. I tried adding some delays too but that didn't work.

Is there anyway to force a field to have no text inside it? Or any other ways that I can get this to work?