Hi there,

I am trying to set up a testing system based combining the Rational Functional Tester and Clearquests TestManager plugin.

I have created first the RFT test script (manually coded based on IBM framework objects/tasks/scripts) to provide Automated Use Case.

In the most of this script i use jar library like jdbc or dbunit for exemple.

I can run this test from my RFT view and the log returns no errors (application start and vp pass).

I have now created a Configured Test Case in CQTM linked to this script, but when I run the script from CQTM view in RFT, the RFT playback windows open and close, and it returns a fail verdict.

I have looked in the 'events' tab of the log and it says:

[CRFCN0379E: Load script class failed [ndg.scripts.campagnes.groix.scn_G41_01_Train_en_éq uilibre_simple] [class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException] ] failed
ndg.scripts.campagnes.groix.scn_G41_01_Train_en_éq uilibre_simple

Any ideas why this might be happening?

I have tried with an application start with javawebstart and web based application. I have the same problem.

I think it is a problem with classpath. The classpath is good for RFT execution. But i don't know how CQTM find my jar in the CQTM Execution.

When i record a simple script with recorder and i try to lunch from CQTM, he work find. Don't work only with jar reference in my classpath.

Please how i can resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!