Firstly, I apologize for not knowing the term for objects added to the Object Map then added to the script.

I am trying to dynamically add an object to the sidebar for use. I.E. I go to open my object map, and add the search text field. I go to my object map, right click on it and select Add to Script1... (for example) RFT will add that as Text_txtSearch (or something in the same vein) and I can call Text_txtSearch().setText("Search Terms"). Is there a way to dynamically add a TestObject (say from a root.find) to the sidebar for quick use?

I know that I am adding an extra step (I found the object, I don't have to add it to the sidebar to use it, I already have it) but I want to be able to pass it between modules in a shared Object Map saving search time in the future.

Thank you.