Hi to all,

Would someone know how to set the log file name at run time?

After clicking on the "Run Functional Tester Script" button, RFT comes up with a dialog showing the default log name.

In my environment, I would get the following:
and the location where the file(s) would be stored will be in the folder of the project where logfiles are stored by default (RFT_Logs in my case).

Modifying the file name when running each script is a bit of a pain (when you have many scripts to run) but, at this time, I cannot change the logging of information (or how things are done).

So I was looking at a way to change the default log file by appending the date and time at the end of the generated name. For example:
"Scripts.Regression.ShellScriptsNew.Menus_01_20080 902140213".

I have searched this forum and the Rational site, but have not been able to find out how to change the default log name.
Once I know how to change it, I can bypass the prompt.

I also went in debug mode, and looked at all the variables that are in memory but could not find what I wanted. And by the time I was in the script, the log file name had already been setup.



P.S. I did find something on the web that uses the command
but my Java is a bit rusty, and I have not been able to make it work (cannot import the proper library).