I've been trying to get several RFT scripts running on Linux. However, often when I run them, I get a strange error. After clicking on a menu item to bring up a dialog, Rational then tries to click on that same menu again. It clicks there for a while, but gets no reaction, since there is a dialog in the way. I then get the following exception:
CRFCN0003E: Attempt to perform mouse operation on co-ordinates [CRFCN0003E: Attempt to perform mouse operation on co-ordinates [] that are off-screen] that are off-screen

I have no idea why I keep getting this. The objects I'm trying to click on are most certainly on screen. I'm running the scripts on computers with only one monitor, so that's not an issue either. These scripts all work fine on Windows, and I only see this happening from time to time on Linux. I'm running the latest version of Rational. Has anyone seen this?