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    WinObject issues

    <u>QTP 9.5 Build 194</u>

    We have a VC++ application and the majority of objects are showing as WinObject. I'm guessing the issue is ProfUIS and was wondering if this was a known problem or whether there was a workaround?

    We also tried a test application using MFC 9.0 and ran into the same issues. Does QTP support MFC 9.0?

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    Re: WinObject issues

    From QTP's ReadMe File:

    Standard Windows Applications

    QuickTest Professional supports testing on applications based on Win32 API and MFC. QuickTest Professional does not support testing on 64-bit applications.

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    Re: WinObject issues

    Thanks, that's what I had passed on here but they believe QTP isn't supporting MFC 9.0.

    Does anyone have experience of Prof UIS with QTP?

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    Re: WinObject issues

    PROF-UI answer for anyone interested.



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