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    To select stars while reviewing

    I am automating a web application where I'm trying to submit a review. I need to grade a product with star(1=bad, 5=excellent etc). I am not being able to click a star. When i recorded the click, QTP gave me the code as:

    Browser("ABC").Page("DEF").WebElement("spacer").Cl ick
    Browser("ABC").Page("DEF").WebElement("spacer_2"). Click

    However many times I click on different stars, QTP gives me the same code. Attaching a screen shot for your reference. What can i do to select different stars each time. Or at least the same star every time? [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: To select stars while reviewing

    Use object spy to spy over different stars and check out the properties. When you compare the properties, see if each star has any unique identifying properties?

    Also check the objects WebElement("spacer") and webelement("spacer_2") in the OR to see whether there is any difference in the two objects

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    Re: To select stars while reviewing

    You need to first see how the stars are implemented in the HTML source code. That would give you a better idea on how things are working.



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