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    Object recognition problem

    I've created a JavaWindow object for the main window of my application, named "MainWin".
    Its title property is set to the regexp "MainTitle.*", so that MainWin recognizes Java windows with the title "MainTitle - SubTitle1", "MainTitle - SubTitle2", etc.

    When I check the recognition of these windows in the VB code, MainWin is not always recognized.. "MainTitle - SubTitle1" is recognized, whereas "MainTitle - SubTitle2" isn't.
    When I check it from the OR manager (with 'Add Object', 'Highlight in Application') it seems to work ok, both windows are recognized as the "MainWin" object. as should be.

    any suggestion why does it happen?


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    Re: Object recognition problem

    Did you check if you have taken any dynamic properties for the Window object (other than Title), which is causing this issue?

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    Re: Object recognition problem

    Make sure you have set smart identification to off while highlighting object in OR.

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    Re: Object recognition problem

    Thanks for your replies.

    Smart identification is disabled, and the only property i test is the "title" property.

    after a long search i found this thread from 2 months ago. I believe it describes the same kind of problem, but I must admit I didn't really understand the solution that was found..
    this is thread -


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    Re: Object recognition problem

    I think he tried using standard windows object rather than Java object (Window instead of JavaWindow when you record without Java add-in) .



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