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    Has anyone used QTP with SAP TAO?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has used QTP with SAP TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization).

    If so, do you have any tips regading this integration.


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    Re: Has anyone used QTP with SAP TAO?

    SAP TAO is developed in contrast of HP(Mercury) BPT . I never heard such thing that some one has used SAP TAO and QTP together, might be some one have used he/she will come up here .

    SAP TAO is new thing and Please search the Forums there is one post on that.

    I am not sure is SAP TAO is launched or still in Beta release.

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    Re: Has anyone used QTP with SAP TAO?

    You have to use QTP with TAO. TAO components are built out of QTP.

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    Re: Has anyone used QTP with SAP TAO?


    TAO is used in order to create the test components automatically which they are uploaded into the HP Quality Center project. Within QC a user can then develop their test cases/scenarios. TAO is then used in order to consolidate these tests into a smaller unit. Once the test are consolidated they can be opened and ran in QTP for debugging purposes, in general the test will be ran in QC where QTP is running in the back end as the engine.

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    Re: Has anyone used QTP with SAP TAO?

    I worked in SAP TAO and really I liked the tool only one thing which killed me is instllation.

    SAP TAO is an automation testing tool released by SAP in integration with focusframe.

    SAP TAO wrapps up QTP and QC and QTP acts as execution engine, testscenarios are created and driven from QC through bussiness components.
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