I am working on a windows application with C++ and Oracle database. QTP is recognising all objects as winobjects even with Oracle, .net add-ins. I am able to make it work with windows and winobjects but get stuck at final point. The final result within the application is showing as "TstringGrid" when I use object spy on it. I can still get the data from grid with "getvisibletext" but as my result shows over 5000 records, I am unable to capture the data which is not showing n the screen.

Is there any way to capture data from grid? I used sendkeys for downarrow key to bring hidden data on the scree but it takes too long to show data as there are more than 5000 records.

question 1 - How can I send over 20 downarrow keys in one step? like with micDwn etc
question 2 - is there any other way to deal with this type of situation. Any workaround?

I would be very thankful for any help or suggestion.