I have been having this intermittent problem as of late where when my QTP scripts open up an excel spreadsheet (creating the object as described in the snippet below) that it times out failing to open up excel. The result of this excel time out is to restart the computer, open up excel in "Safe Mode" and recover it with the Excel tool in the Help pulldown area. I might also be exaggerating this problem as I open up several spreadsheets to simulate a relational data base (Managers hate real DB's). Is anyone else encountering this problem?

QTP - w/.Net Addon & Infragistics Test Advantage
Office Excel 2003 (11.6455.6360) SP1

P.S. The script never starts up the application to be tested when it times out.

(Snippet is part of an instantiation of a VBS-Object)
Set oExcelData = createobject("Excel.Application")
Set oWorkbook = oExcelData.Workbooks.Open(txtSpreadSheetLocation)
Set oSheet = oExcelData.Sheets.Item(txtSheet)
Set llist = new LinkedList
set columns = createobject("Scripting.Dictionary")