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    Problem on WinTreeView Recording with Pop Up Menus

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    Hi,<P>I am testing a Web-based application and there is a tree control that I need to click an item and then right click so that a pop up menu and submenu appear. I recorded this code,

    Window("Window Name").Window("Window Name").WinTreeView("SysTreeView32").Select "SelectWinTree", micRightBtn

    After this code should be the clicking of the pop up menu.

    I tried to have it analog recorded,

    Window("WindowName").WinObject("SysTreeView32").Cl ick 279,439
    Window("WindowName").WinObject("SysTreeView32").Cl ick 443,439

    but when I rerun the script, QTP pops up an error message.

    Please help me what's the best way to have my script running.



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    Re: Problem on WinTreeView Recording with Pop Up Menus

    Btw, the error message below appears when QTP reaches the analog recorded script.

    " The statement contains one or more invalid function arguments."



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