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    want to identify MicromediaFlash PlayerActiveX..

    We are using QTP 8.2 version for our automated testing.
    We are not able to identify objects on the MicromediaFlash PlayerActiveX pages with this version. Following is the sample code when we tried recording the actions on our new application.

    Browser("TenVisible 2.0").Page("TenVisible 2.0").WinObject("MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX").Cl ick 512,33
    Browser("TenVisible 2.0").Page("TenVisible 2.0").WinObject("MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX").Cl ick 632,32.

    We have gone through many requests in these forums and couldnt find an exact solution.

    My question is,
    1. Is Flex add-in will be helpful in identifying and does it can be installed to QTP 8.2?
    2. If not, is there anyother way of identifying these objects with this verison(QTP 8.2)?
    3. If not, which version we should go in achieving this...

    Could you please help us in this..
    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: want to identify MicromediaFlash PlayerActiveX..

    Could you please help me on this...
    I have tried istalling QTP 9.2 and Flex builder 3...
    But still facing the same problem...
    One observation is that, i couldnt see Flex add-in in the Add-in's list of QTP when it was opened...

    Could you Please tell, do i need to change any settings in the QTP...

    Thanks in advance...



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