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    QTP error \"Sheet already inuse\"


    i created a driver script which calls 5 external acrions,i am importing external excel file using DataTable.Importsheet method for inputs, and out put values writing to an external excel file using "SetExcelData" function (.vbs) every thing is fine but some times i am getting "Sheet Already in use" dialog box whenever i run Driver script, once i click on it the script is going fine, can any one help me out.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: QTP error \"Sheet already inuse\"

    Hi Reddy,

    Thanks for reply,

    i went through the post, but in my scripts i used

    DataTable.ImportSheet method and i am importing external dheet in to Global.

    Syntax: DataTable.ImportSheet "C:\Automation\Test.xls",1,Global

    so order will not change in DataTable.



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    Re: QTP error \"Sheet already inuse\"


    If the external data sheet order is same as you called the actions. Then you try this out.
    Just delete your called external actions from your test script and again call those actions. May be silly, but I did the same. It works.

    Prabu Sundararaj.



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