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    Dynamic links in the web page

    Dear All,

    i have to test the links in the web page, but the all the links are having same name, and even we don't know many such type of links will be available to also because that is dynamic depends on the number of records, those many links will be there and the links will be having same name...,

    Criteria is i am having APP ID, so for the given app id i have to clik either EDIT link or VIEW or DELETE link but these three links will be there for all other applications...

    i have to do this in QTP

    can any one help out in this (this is very important and [stupid is as stupid does] for me)

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Dynamic links in the web page

    .. and what was your question?
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    Re: Dynamic links in the web page

    Hi Corey,

    Web page is having set of records, and each record is having three links (View,Edit,Delete), if user want to view or edit or delete he will click on that link but every time when i am playbacking it is opening for the first record only..., how to click on the specified link

    Could you please help me,


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    Re: Dynamic links in the web page

    Do each of the link sets exist in their own webtable row?

    Things to look at the Object index of each link. Are you just using an OR created when recording? Or are you working with a developed OR?

    Also do some reading on Descriptive programing. The problem you are having nothing more than a basic object recgonition issue.
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