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    Installing testadvantage addin for QTP 9.5

    I have QTP 9.5 licensed version, There are infragsitics component in our application, so i have downloaded the TestAdvantage_WinForms_HP_20081_CLR2x_trial and when i try to install it ,it is giving error ,not able to install , it is asking to reinstall QTP again.
    Is it the problem because iam having licensed version of QTP9.5 and trail version of testadvantage.

    I tried to install in other machine were i have QTP 9.2 trail version, testadvantage is installed sucessfully.

    has anyone as come across this issue and what is the work around for this

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    Re: Installing testadvantage addin for QTP 9.5

    No, its not because of License, it may be some other issue. Check QTP 9.5 support for Test Advantage
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