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    Text Area output checkpoint in QTP 9.2


    I am using QTP 9.2 and working on a windows based application.The text area output checkpoint is capturing junk values and the text is captured in a vertical manner though the screen has text in horizontal manner.

    Can anybody tell me if any setting have to be changed inorder to change the style of text capture?

    Please find attached the screen shots.
    my script is capturing text as in message box 1 but I want the text to be captured as in message box 2. Screenshot 2 has been obtained by running the same script on a different machine.
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    Re: Text Area output checkpoint in QTP 9.2


    What comes after MsgBox?

    What do you have in your DataTable there, in white?

    Anshoo Arora
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    Re: Text Area output checkpoint in QTP 9.2

    Text area checkpoints are not reliable enough to be used and i would suggest you to look up to some other method for this.



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