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    Object Spy and Low Level Objects

    I have search for this topic and I am not finding something close to the answer.

    How can we get Object Spy to provide low level objects? I have some object that I am unable to access unless I record in low lowel recording. The question is I want to DP low level steps but I cannot do it without determing what the low level objects are.

    Any ideas?


    Ps. Tarun, is there anyway to break down the QTP into separate sections? There are way too many post and searching doesn not always yield the answer you are looking for. I would recommend creating additional folders and apply questions to what people are asking for. It would make things easier.

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    Re: Object Spy and Low Level Objects

    The reason you need to use low level is because QTP cant recognise the objects so DP wont work. You could try making them virtual objects and then with functions around those.
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