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    How to know webtable

    I am working on webbased application in which i have a web table.This webtable is updating from bottom if any operation performed on application based on date.How can i validate whether the table updated on every operation

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    Re: How to know webtable

    Check it with the rowcount and column count, if it is updated.After getting rowcount and column count check its content wether it is updated or not.


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    Re: How to know webtable

    Get the row count and column count.
    Use GetCellData to retreive information about table cell
    Snehal Pailkar

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    Re: How to know webtable

    Thanks for quick responce,
    Row count is incrementing as operaration performed on the application.My question is that how can i validate on increment in row count,Here colums are constant.

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    Re: How to know webtable

    WebTable().GetROProperty("rows") will return you runtime value of Row Count.
    Snehal Pailkar

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    Re: How to know webtable

    your can try this way:
    Browser("XXX").Page("XXX").WebTable("XXX").RowCoun t



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