To start with, SQAForums has been incredible helpful, and I appreciate everyone's help and time reading this question.

I have an application that works fine with Java Add-In 8.2 with the 9.0 upgrade patch, however my company upgraded to 9.1. We don't have a saved copy of the 8.2 upgrade, but we do have a copy of the 9.0 patch.

With QTP 9.1 and the 9.1 patch, our Java application (Version build 3) starts up fine, and QTP will record one step. Trying to do a second step freezes our Java Program and both become non-responsive. We didn't have any problems with 9.0, but like I said we can't rollback to that version.

Sincerely we've tried working through HP with this issue, however I've found them to cause more problems than they've solved when I ask them for help, and they seem to have misplaced their copy of the Java 8.2 add-in.

We do have the Oracle add-in, but I've made sure install the Java Add-in after it. From what I can tell the 9.1 add-in was installed correctly, but I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility because I can't tell why our Java application freezes - which it doesn't do when QTP isn't running.

What troubleshooting advice could I use to determine further:
A. Where the problem may lie (with QTP, the Add-in, the Java application, etc.)

B. What we can do to remedy the problem.

Thank you in advance for any insight you could give!