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    Which approach to adopt

    Hi All,

    I am testing one windows application. Here I have to take one decision. Your help is highly appreciated:

    I have to automate this windows application. Should I keep all the test cases in separate QTP tests or should I maintain only one QTP test and maintain separate Actions within that single test case. I want to know which approach is better.

    Would any problem come in running all the test cases in first case?

    Please give your suggestions.


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    Re: Which approach to adopt

    It depends on your applications. If it is large enough ( contains more then 5-6 menus or forms ) I think you should go for the option two. And put all the depended actions in one test and others in other tests.

    i.e. put all the menus in different tests and then you can put all other sub menus or all other things ( i.e filling the forms, etc.. ) in different actions.

    And then you can use "Test Batch Runner" to execute all the test sequentially, that way even if one of the test will fail or crash others will be executed.
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    Re: Which approach to adopt

    Thanks a lot!!
    I just wanted to confirm that if one test fails then will the execution of other test cases be halted or will it continue to the next test.

    Thanks once again,



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