Not sure where you got this information, even with WinRunner (well at least WR, since version 5). Here is the current situation:

1. QTP must be installed on each PC where you want it to execute test scripts or develop test scripts. And there is not an execution-only license or agent--a full copy must be installed.

2. Each currently running QTP must have a valid license. You have two options here: (a) you can buy one or more "seat" licenses, where-in the license can only be use on on specific PC, or (b) you can install an additional license server on your network and one or more QTP PC's can then be configured to obtain a "floating" license from the license server. Seat licenses are cheaper while floating licenses are in general more flexible.

There are several other threads on this forum that discuss the pros and cons of each type of license, so you can use forum search to dig deeper into this issue.