Hi All,

I am automatimg the Java Application created in Eclipse RCP. I have the required patch for that.

In my Application one Java Tree object is having two columns (i.e. Keys in one column and values in another column , key- value pairs as nodes). Value columns are having edit,list controls,but not able to retrive these controls since those controls will not enabled unless you click on that control.When i use the GetROProperty for "tree content" i am able to retrive all the keys those are in first column. I am not able to get the second column values even though they are part of tree

Whe i use the text check point for tree, i am able retrive the entire text in tree. Is there any way to retrive the entire text in the java tree with out using text check point (i.e. programatically)

Thanks in Advance,
SivaKumar Reddy.P