Hi All,

I am working on .Net Application with Infragistic
Testadvnatage for window 7.3CLR2.0.
and trying to select item(Fee) from GridTable one by one with ActivateCell & SetCellData.it does work untill 10th row but for 11 row, it displays message 'Unable to update the row:"
So instead of selecting item from Grid, sometimes it skipes current row & moves ahead to add 12 row and henceforth it works fine.
it fails to Add 11th row & throws an error 'Unble to update row". this is where i get message.

SwfWindow("Debt").SwfTable("FGrid").AddRow "INVESTMENT_ADJ_FEE","11"

SwfWindow("Debt").SwfTable("FGrid").ActivateCell "11","id"
SwfWindow("Debt").SwfTable("FGrid").SetCellData "11","id","3527"

Has anybody ever faced this kind of problem.Any Workaround on this

appreciate your help & time