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    how to add virtual objects to objects list

    I have created a virtual obj using the virtual object manager. But while writing the test :

    Browser("Demo of Vo Object").Page("Demo of Vo Object").ActiveX("VoDemoFormX").VirtualList("list" ).Exist
    mine appl is:
    JavaWindow("OpenEdge Editor - OpenEdge").Java...

    its not displaying the virtualObject in the methods list.
    like it should dropdown a list and I have to select...

    JavaWindow("OpenEdge Editor - OpenEdge").VirtualList("VoListVC2")...

    if its not in the list I think that its not there in Object repository , right?
    In the object repository also I am not finding the newly added virtual object,
    do any one have solution, how to get the virtual object, using the descriptive programming...?

    need a solution,
    thankful, if get a solun how to add it in scripting...

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    Re: how to add virtual objects to objects list

    you can not use DP for virtual object. it should be in record and play back mode only.

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    Re: how to add virtual objects to objects list




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