I need to change some settings in a .ini file. They are many of them and requires chaning resume allowed =0 to resume allowed = 1.
To do that I created another file with all the settings changed and when I need to change the settings delete the old file using deletefile method in vbscript and tried moving the new file to the location of old file, QTP deletes the old file but doesn't move the new file.

Is there any better way of changing the settings?

My code is
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") objFSO.DeleteFile("C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception4\server\perceptionv4 .ini")

objFSO.MoveFile "C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception4\server\Settings\Per ceptionv4resumenotallowed.ini","C:\Program Files\Questionmark\Perception4\server\Perceptionv4 .ini"