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    Submit button Click.

    Hi All,
    My AUT is a .NET application.I have the .Net addin for QTP installed.There is a "SUBMIT" button in my application.The button is visible and availble in OR.
    I am using the folowing piece of code for clicking
    SwfWindow("New Panel Group - SYSTEM_TEST").SwfWindow("House Fill").SwfButton("Submit").Click.
    When i run the code,QTP clicks on the button,but nothing happens after it.There are no shortcut keys available.
    I have tried using dblclick,click 2 times using co-ordinates.After QTP has run,even if i click on the button manually,the window does not close.
    Can somebody help me ?

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    SQA Knight
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    Re: Submit button Click.

    When you say a .NET app is it running in a browser or a standalone .NET Form's app?

    If its running within a web browser then review this thread and try changing the ReplayType setting around the problematic button statements to 2 (mouse click):


    It it is a a .NET Form's app this likely will not help. But see if the .NET environment offers a similar configurable feature.

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    Re: Submit button Click.

    Try to use MouseDrag instead of click.




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