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    Runtime Webedit Error.

    I am getting this error at runtime for a webedit. I believe it is a AJAX object thats what the development told me.

    In the first iteration it does set the value to whatever I have given in the web edit but in the 2nd iteration it is throwing an error saying that the Object is not visible.

    With the help of Highlight in Application, I saw whether this particular objects gets highlighted in the application, but it does not. Can someone suggest a work around or a resolution for this problem ?
    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Runtime Webedit Error.

    How are you trying to identify this object? Could the original entry be changing a property that you are using in your identification?

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    Re: Runtime Webedit Error.

    Duplicate of:


    You were given reasonable suggestions in that thread. Asking the same question multiple times neither complies with forum guidelines NOR will it get you a "better" answer.

    So in addition to getting some training on QTP, we will expect you to read AND follow the forum guidelines and FAQs (located at the top of the first page on this forum) before posting again. If you fail to comply one of the moderators will simply delete any further non-compliant postings.

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