I have to select the date from calender in the application, which is in production.QTP is well recognising the object from application but not able to click on it.Below error was thrown while executing the script.

"RunTime Error Has Occured:
Line 35: Access Denied"

If I try clicking manually to figure out if year and day is selected, it is still failing to select year and date.

Below is my code.

Set CreatePlanPage =Browser("LSPT").Page("CreatePlan").Frame("fraNewS etUp")
Set CalenderWindow=Browser("LSPT").Window("winCalender ").Page("SelectDate")

CreatePlanPage.Image("html tag:=IMG","html id:=Img3").Click
CalenderWindow.WebList"name:=lstMonth","index:=0") .Select "May"
CalenderWindow.WebList("name:=lstYear","index:=1") .Select "2007"
CalenderWindow.WebElement "Name:=weDay","innertext:=7").Click