I have a windows application that has a treeview control down the left hand side of the window. I need to be able to find a specific node since other nodes could be expanded or collapsed and could change the x,y coordinates that I need to pass.

QTP seems to have picked this treeview up in the resource manager and has assigned it a regexpwndclass value of TCFOLDLIST, however searching for this word on google returns zero results.

The problem is that there appears to be no way of seeing the individual nodes within the treeview rather than just the treeview as a whole. For example, recording the action of clicking on the treeview control results in a click event that relates to the whole control and a set of x,y coordinates. What I would like to see and need is something that refers to the specific node that was clicked, as well as a method of finding the nodes to begin with.

I've also tried using the GetTextLocation() method of the TextUtil object to attempt to locate the node myself by passing the node title and zero for the hWnd parameter, but this consistently returns 0.

What am I doing wrong here and what can I do to find specific nodes within a treeview?