Has anyone written a script that can open a specific date on the Infragistics WinSchedule for Windows Forms control?

The best I have come up with is changing the control's properties so only the date I want to open displays. Then I double-click using coordinates to open the day. Afterwards I change the properties back so the calendar looks normal again. This works everytime in QTP 9.0 but hangs everytime in QTP 9.2. Anyway, I'm sure there are much better approaches than the hack I'm using. The WinSchedule control does not appear to have any methods that accept a date and return screen coordinates or open that day. Thanks!

set objUpperMonth = swfWindow(strWindow).swfObject("upperMonthControl" ).Object
objUpperMonth.MonthRangeSettings.NumberofMonths = 1
objUpperMonth.CurrentView = 2
objUpperMonth.DayRangeSettings.VisibleDays = 1
objUpperMonth.Date = dtDate
swfWindow(strWindow).swfObject("upperMonthControl" ).DblClick 70,70