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    Disadvantages of Virtual Objects

    Hello All,

    I am working on automating .Net application which uses Developer Express controls for its Front End. As I already mentioned in my earlier posts that QTP is facing hard time in recognizing the objects, I am going by the workaround by using Virtual Objects method.

    My question to you all is how safe is using Virtual Objects or probably I should put this way, What all problems I might experience in future because of Virtual Objects usage? Also, if there is any similar posts which already exists(as I couldnt find one) please point me to it.

    Also if there is any other option recommended over the Virtual Objects?


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    Re: Disadvantages of Virtual Objects

    Try "User defined" object and map it into normal standered object.

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    Re: Disadvantages of Virtual Objects

    I think that is very dark or unexplored topic for many of us on this forum. I doubt that it has been used extensively. Just IMO



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