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    How to retrieve the color of a row in a .Net Grid

    I'm working on a .Net based application. In my grids (SwfTable) there are many rows which appears in different colors based on the data in the row. How do I retrieve the color of a particular row?
    I have tried the following:
    SwfWindow("Win").SwfTable("Table").GetROProperty(" BackgroundColor")
    SwfWindow("Win).SwfTable("Table").GetROProperty("B ackColor")
    SwfWindow("Win").SwfTable("Table").GetROProperty(" GridColor")
    SwfWindow("Win").SwfTable("Table").GetROProperty(" GridLineColor")
    Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: How to retrieve the color of a row in a .Net Grid

    With help from Tarun Lalwani, I've managed to retrieve the color of a row in a .Net Grid

    The numerous double quotes should be used with the Execute method as illustrated in the function below.

    Public Function GetRowColor(row_num)
    Dim rc, color
    Execute "Set rc = SwfWindow(""Win1"").SwfWindow(""Win2"").SwfTable(" "wavesTable"").Object.Rows"
    color = rc.Item(row_num).DefaultCellStyle.BackColor
    GetRowColor = color
    End Function

    PS. My .Net Grid is a Microsoft Data Grid.



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