I have got reference to two objects, one is got by DP, and the other one is got directly from OR. And I try to get the childobjects for both of them. And the Object from DP return 0 childobjects and the Object directly from OR return 8 childobjects. I have checked the HWND of both objects and the return value are the same. So does anybody knows what happened ? Thanks

PS: I am using Oracle Application Add-in.

PS2: The source code
Set oLinesTabDescription = Description.Create()
oLinesTabDescription("micclass").Value = "OracleTabbedRegion"
oLinesTabDescription("label").Value = "Lines"

Set oPricingProductsDescription = Description.Create()
oPricingProductsDescription("micclass").Value = "OracleTabbedRegion"
oPricingProductsDescription("label").Value = "Pricing / Products"

Set oAllChildsDescription = Description.Create()
oAllChildsDescription("micclass").Value = "OracleTable"

Set oLinesTab = OracleFormWindow("Service Contracts Authoring").ChildObjects(oLinesTabDescription)(0)

Set oPricingProductsTab = OracleFormWindow("Service Contracts Authoring").ChildObjects(oPricingProductsDescripti on)(0)

Set oChildObjects = oPricingProductsTab.ChildObjects(oAllChildsDescrip tion)
msgbox oChildObjects.Count

Set oChildObjects2 = OracleFormWindow("Service Contracts Authoring").OracleTabbedRegion("Pricing / Products").ChildObjects(oAllChildsDescription)
msgbox oChildObjects2.Count

Theoreticall OracleFormWindow("Service Contracts Authoring").OracleTabbedRegion("Pricing / Products") and
oPricingProductsTab should be the same