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    help with siebel applications in QTP

    I am using QTP9.0
    I am creating scripts for siebel applications in QTP.I have siebel addin.how do we create siebel pagetabs object in object repositary.if I try to read individual pagetabs through objrepositary,it identifies all page tabs as a frame.can any one help me with this.

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    Re: help with siebel applications in QTP

    Did you try record and playback? What happens in that case? And does QTP has any SiebelTab as test object or not?

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    Re: help with siebel applications in QTP

    I tried to record,even though I clicked on different objects in the application,none of the statements appeared in the script.I don't know where I was wrong. QTP has 'Siebelpagetabs' as test object.one more question,if we create any test object,how do we map the value of repositary name.

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    Re: help with siebel applications in QTP

    Oh,finally I could do that.QTP is very picky what we specify in record and run settings.I had to change the specifications there and recorded.Then it identified all the siebel objects.Anyway thanks.



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