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    QTP 9.2 & Mercury Screen Recorder

    Is anyone making use of the screen recorder functionality in QTP 9.2? We are trialling it as we think it will be more beneficial than screenshots.

    However, we are finding that any scripts that last more than 10 minutes, and loop through a local datatable are causing the results to crash. By this I mean

    1) No movie is associated with the results (even when there are failures in the test which should trigger the movie association)
    2) The computer locks up
    3) The results cannot be read by the reporter - it says that the results are incompatable but I have done some digging and it appears the results XML file crashes as QTP writes to it, causing it to be invalid xml.

    We have HP support looking into it, but I'm not holding out on a fix. It would be interesting to see if anyone else has issues. If you haven't tried this feature:

    enable it under tools>options>run.
    Set it to record on errors and warnings.
    Then create a simple test that loops through the local datatable, ensure you put in some checkpoints that will fail which will trigger the movie to be in the results.
    Run it for 10+ minutes.

    It doesn't seem to be consistantly failing, but more often than not it does. Which then means you can't view your test results. It would be good to get a feel for how the rest of the community is finding this feature.



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    Re: QTP 9.2 & Mercury Screen Recorder

    I think QTP always have some issues when you are running test for longer time. Which is a very disapponting thing there are memory leak which can cause a memory burst after sometime.

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    Re: QTP 9.2 & Mercury Screen Recorder

    yeah you're right. 10 minutes shouldn't be an unreasonable amount of time to run a test for!



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