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    java based application


    I have just started automating Java based application using QTP. My question is will my scripts run in different resolution since it records with pixels.


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    Re: java based application

    unless you record in analog mode..the scripts will not record pixels...yes it will capture the co-ordinates as properties but will not use it as primary properties to identify the objects..

    I have done automation on java based application before and have ran the same scripts in different resolutions...they worked like a charm..

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    Re: java based application

    Thanks. I have java add-in in my machine. It automatically recorded in analog mode. I will change it to context sensitive.


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    Re: java based application

    Sorry Tarun I was wrong there was no java-addin loaded. I tried the option in general tab to display add-in window during starttime. But now my QTP is not coming up. I tried to contact mercury but it took too much time and phone got disconnected. Any help ? How can I recover my QTP ?

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    Re: java based application

    My issue is resolved there is bug in 8.2. They made change in registry show the add-in dialog window and now it works.


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    Re: java based application

    Can you post the registry changes here so that it would help others in future.



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