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    Page refreshing problem

    I need to poll a request status from a page. As the status is displayed on a web page, I need to keep on refresh the page until it is completed.

    I use the following statement:


    Every 2 seconds

    Then run a simple DP statement to grab the status

    However, intermittently refresh fails. (If you select the page, it will be blank). But if you hit refresh manually, it will load the page correctly.

    Just wondering if anyone else had the problem? and if there are any solutions to this?

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    Re: Page refreshing problem

    I have seen this kind of stuff when trying to work with a listbox.

    The page should get refreshed based on the selection, but sometimes it was not doing...so i fired the event onsubmit() (as defined in the page) event twice to have page refreshed.
    (I was using complete DOM)

    You can also look at using send keys.
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    Re: Page refreshing problem

    cool, thanks jonty, looks like i am not alone [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]



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