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    Reading QC field from QTP with API


    I have a user defined field "BasePath" in the my Project in QC 9.2. I need to extract the content of this field and save in a variable gsBashPath in my QTP scripts. I have used following code -

    set currentTestset = QCUtil.CurrentTestSet

    If currentTestset.Field("CY_USER_01") <> "" Then

    gsBasePath= currentTestset.Field("CY_USER_01")
    End If

    I am able to extract the other properties value in the script like Name, Status, ID etc.but currentTestset.Field("CY_USER_01") is returning empty though value is filled in QC before running the scripts. Any idea?

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    Re: Reading QC field from QTP with API

    You will get blank when the filled value is not committed to QC database.

    Please take some time in reading forum guidelines and update your thread with appropriate subject.

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    Re: Reading QC field from QTP with API

    How do I verify that the value is committed to the data base? I believe as soon as the value is written in QC field it is saved into QC database.



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