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    BPT - Dealing with trailing spaces in parameters

    Have you ever seen this?
    "The innertext expected value 12/09/2007 does not match the actual value: 12/09/2007 "

    It's actually due to a trailing space at the end of the actual inner text value. The expected value is defined in an input parameter in the business component. However, when I try to add a trailing space to this parameter, it gets removed by Quality Center!!

    Any clue how to deal with this?

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    Re: BPT - Dealing with trailing spaces in paramete

    Can you use TRIM() prior to inserting it into the expected value
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    Re: BPT - Dealing with trailing spaces in paramete

    I understand that is not convinient. Mercury made this change I believe in 8.2.1. Since then I am using Rtrim() for Actual value prior to comparison. You can also use Instr()


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    Re: BPT - Dealing with trailing spaces in paramete

    cmaloney, Looking at your text it seems you are using a checkpoint. I have never used them so first you should check if there is an option to ignore spaces or not. If there is nothing then i would suggest you to use Code to simulate the checkpoint.



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