We are trying to automate the installation process of SAP NetWeaver 2004s using QTP. The installation screens are based on Java. The objects are being recognized and we are able to add the same when we are installing a fresh instance of NW04s for the first time. Object recognition is failing if we uninstall the existing application and install a new one.

Object recognition is also failing in the case of patching screens (for which JSPM tool is used for patching) which are also Java based.

In case of the tools used for Post installation and configuration such as Visual Admin, Config tool and SDM, all of which are Java based, inconsistency Object recognition is observed.

This issue is not specific to SAP application but a general problem of recognition of Java GUI.
The version of QTP is : 9.1 and that of Java Add-in is: (Build 388). The patch level of QTP is: Patch 1607, QTP91P1616.

Request your help on this.