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    Voice Recognition Testing (phone system)

    Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone had any experience with using QTP to test voice recognition over the phone for example an automated customer service.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Voice Recognition Testing (phone system)

    I doubt that QTP would be tool here. But if you have WebServices to test the system then you can do that in QTP else i really don't know how will you test it. You need to have UI or something for QTP to be able to test this thing. Do you have any?

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    Re: Voice Recognition Testing (phone system)

    You might try prowling around the Automated Testing forum:


    as there are occasional discussion about voice based testing. Right now there seems to be a lively discussion about VOIP automated testing.

    But (having worked at Octel in the early 90's) I think you need a different class of tool for this testing, like the Hammer.




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